Cookie Policy of the website

Pursuant to and for the purposes of Article 13 of European Regulation no. 679/2016 (the General Data Protection Regulation for natural persons, hereinafter "GDPR"), B&B Italia S.p.A. (hereinafter "B&B" or the "Company") provides users of the domain (hereinafter "Users") the following information on cookies installed on the aforementioned domain (hereafter “Website") or by other domains accessible through the Website.

What are cookies

Cookies are small text files which the navigation browser stores or reads on the computer hard disk or other device (tablet, smartphone, laptop, etc.) through the sites visited.

Cookies can be first or third party: "first party” cookies are those that contain the Website as the domain, whereas "third party” cookies are related to external domains. Third-party cookies are always installed by an external website other than the website visited by the User. That because on each site there may be elements/content (e.g.: images, maps, sounds, links to other domains, etc.) that hosted on server other than the Sites visited by the User.

Cookies may be stored permanently on the User's computer and they vary in duration (“persistent” cookies), but they can also disappear when the browser is closed or be of a limited duration (“session” cookies).

Cookies may be categorised as follows:

  • Navigation and functionality cookies: used respectively for purposes of authentication and for enhancing the user experience (e.g. storing language preferences)
  • Analytical cookies: used by the site operator to collect information on users who visit the Website
  • Advertising cookies: used to send messages consistent with the Users preferences which are collected while browsing.
  • Social cookies: used to permit interaction with social networks

Technical cookies

The following are "technical" cookies, in accordance with guidelines from the Italian Data Protection Authority (see General Provision "Identification of simplified procedures for the privacy notice and for obtaining consent to the use of cookies - 8 May 2014", published in the Official Gazette No. 126 of 3 June 2014):

  • navigation and functionality cookies
  • analytic cookies, where these are utilised directly by the site operator to collect information in aggregate, anonymous form on numbers of Users and on how they visit the website.

In accordance with applicable regulatory provisions, the installation of technical cookies does not require Users' prior consent.

Profiling cookies

Profiling cookies, on the other hand, are intended to create user profiles and are used to send advertising messages matching the preferences expressed by the user during the browsing

Through these cookies, therefore, are processed personal data (hereinafter “Personal Data" or “Data”) belonging to the users. In order to better understand the foregoing, European legislation in force defines Personal Data as “any information regarding an identified or identifiable natural person ("Data Subject"); a natural person is identifiable who can be identified directly or indirectly with particular reference to identifying details such as name, ID number, location data, an online ID or one or more physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, economic, cultural or social characterising elements”.

The use of profiling cookies requires the User's consent.

According to the aforementioned General Provision of the Italian Data Protection Authority, the User may authorise or refuse consent to the installation of cookies by means of the options provided in the section “Management of cookies". In the case of third-party cookies, the Website does not and cannot directly control individual cookies (it can neither install them directly nor delete them). The User can, however, manage these cookies through browser settings (the instructions are provided below) or through the Websites of the third party .

Cookies installed on this website

In the section “Cookie Declaration” the User can find the list of the cookies installed on this Website. The third-party cookies present a link to the privacy policy of the associated external provider, where a detailed description is given of the individual cookies and the processing carried out.

Managment of cookies

The User can manage cookies on the Website using the following procedures.

Note that if technical cookies (as described above) , are disabled, the Website may not be accessible or specific Website services or functions may be unavailable or may not work properly.

How to disable/delete cookies by configuring the browser


  1. Run the Chrome browser
  2. Click on the menu in the browser toolbar next to the url address bar.
  3. Select Settings
  4. Click on “Advanced” Settings
  5. In the “Privacy and security” section click on "Content Settings"
  6. In the “Cookies” section, the following cookie settings can be changed:
    • Enable local Data to be saved
    • Keep local Data only until you quit the browser
    • Prevent websites from setting cookies
    • Block third-party cookies and site Data
    • Manage exceptions for certain websites
    • Delete one or all cookies
For more information visit the dedicated page.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Run the Mozilla Firefox Browser
  2. Click on the menu in the browser toolbar next to the url address bar.
  3. Select Options
  4. Select the Privacy panel
  5. Click on Show Advanced Settings
  6. In the “Privacy” section click on "Content Settings"
  7. In the “Tracking” section, the following cookie settings can be changed:
    • Send websites a “Do Not Track” signal that you don’t want to be tracked
    • Notify websites of your consent to be tracked
    • Do not communicate any preference to track Personal Data
  8. In the "History" section, you can:
    • By enabling "Use custom settings" select the option to accept third-party cookies (always, from sites you visit the most or never) and to keep them for a specified period of time (until they expire, until you close the Firefox session), or to request each time
    • Remove the individual stored cookies.
For more information visit the dedicated page.

Internet Explorer

  1. Run the Internet Explorer Browser
  2. Click the Tools button, and select Internet Options
  3. Click on the Privacy tab and, in the Settings section, select the desired cookie action by moving the slider:
    • Block all Cookies
    • Allow all Cookies
    • Select the sites from which to obtain cookies: select the middle option using the cursor (so as not to block or to allow all cookies), then click on Sites, enter a website in the Website Address box and then click on Block or Allow.
For more information visit the dedicated page.

Safari 6

  1. Run the Safari Browser
  2. Click on Safari, select Preferences and then Privacy
  3. In the Block Cookie section, specify how Safari should accept cookies from websites.
  4. Click Details to see which sites have stored cookies
For more information, visit the dedicated page.

Safari iOS (mobile devices)

  1. Run the iOS Safari Browser
  2. Tap on Settings and then Safari
  3. Tap on Block Cookies and choose from several options: "Never", “From third parties and advertisers” or "Always”
  4. To delete all cookies stored by Safari, tap on Settings, then on Safari, and then tap on Clear Cookies and Data
For more information visit the dedicated page.


  1. Run the Opera Browser>
  2. Click on Preferences then on Advanced and finally on Cookies
  3. Select one of the following options:
    • Accept all cookies
    • Accept cookies only from the site you visit: third-party cookies and cookies transmitted from a domain other than the one you are visiting will be rejected
    • Never accept cookies: no cookies will ever be saved. For more information visit the dedicated page.

How to disable third-party cookies

B&B has no specific control over the cookies in question, in terms of information storage methods, therefore please consult the Policy adopted by each of the third parties. To disable these cookies the User can use the above methods provided by each browser or resort to the specific functionality made available by third parties in their respective Policies. Alternatively, visit the following page to disable third-party cookies

How to consent or withhold consent

In compliance with the directives of the Personal Data Protection Code (Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30 June 2003, as amended by Legislative Decree No. 101 of 10 August 2018, hereinafter the “Code “), and in particular with Article 122, subsection 1 in reference to the Italian Data Protection Authority General Provisionon the "Identification of simplified procedures for the privacy notice and for obtaining consent to the use of cookies", as indicated above, you may consent or withhold your consent to cookies.

A banner will appear when the User accesses any page of the Website, containing a short privacy statement informing him/her of how to accept profiling cookies. By closing the banner or continuing to browse, by accessing a different area of the Website or by selecting an item from that different area (e.g. an image or link), the User thereby consents to the use of cookies and authorises B&B to collect and store profiling Data. To disable cookies, the User can use the aforementioned cookie disabling methods provided by his/her browser or he/she can, alternatively, withhold consent to their use at any time directly through the dedicated selection system provided by the Site.

B&B will keep proper track of the User's consent/s by means of a special technical cookie, which the Italian Data Protection Authority does not consider to be "particularly invasive”.

Communication and dissemination of data

Data collected using cookies may be processed by employees and/or non-company collaborators of company functions assigned to achieve the aforementioned purposes, who have been specifically authorised to process the Data and who have received adequate operating instructions. These Data may also be processed by trusted companies that carry out technical and organisational tasks on our behalf. We collaborate directly with these companies, who act as Data Processors. Specifically - in the context of Data processing carried out through the Website - the company that handles hosting and Data backup services for the Website has been appointed. Furthermore, the Data may be processed by third parties acting as independent Data Controllers such as, for example, supervisory and control authorities and bodies.

Data collected using cookies may be transferred outside the European Union. This Data transfer must comply with applicable legal provisions - including Articles 44, 45 and 46 of the General DataData Protection Regulation (GDPR) - and also with the European Commission's Adequacy Decisions and also if necessary - and if no Adequacy Decisions are in force - by entering into agreements that guarantee suitable safeguards and/or by adopting the European Commission-recommended standard contractual clauses.

More specifically, in relation to any subsequent transfer of the Data to USA companies (e.g. Google), this should occur in compliance with the so-called "Privacy Shield" - in compliance with the European Commission decision recognising that the "EU-US Privacy Shield“ Agreement afforded suitable protection to Personal Data transferred from the European Union to U.S. resident organisations which self-certify in the system, and with the subsequent Authorisation to transfer Data abroad through the "EU-US Privacy Shield” Agreement adopted by the Italian Data Protection Authority on 27 October 2016.

Rights of users

The User in his/her capacity as Data Subject has the rights referred to in Articles 13 et seq. of the GDPR (as defined in Article 4 of the GDPR).

The following rights are attributable to the Data Subject, more specifically:

  1. pursuant to Articles 15 and 77 of the GDPR, the right to file a complaint with a competent authority;
  2. pursuant to Article 15 of the GDPR, the right to access information associated with the processing of Data, including: the purposes of the Data processing; the types of Personal Data processed; the period of time the Personal Data will be kept or, if not available, the criteria used to determine this; the recipients or categories to whom the Data have been or will be communicated; any transfer of Data to third countries; if the Data was not originally gathered from the Data Subject himself/herself, the original information available; the existence of an automated decision-making process, the logic applied to the segmentation of Data Subjects for profiling activities and the importance of these Data processing for the Data Subject;
  3. pursuant to Article 16 of the GDPR, the right to have incorrect Data rectified and incomplete Data supplemented;
  4. pursuant to Article 17 of the GDPR, the right to request and obtain Data erasure for specific reasons, including: the Data are not necessary as they do not correspond to the purposes for which they were collected; the Personal Data were unlawfully processed; the Personal Data are required to be erased under a legal obligation of EU or Member State law which applies to the Data Controller; the Data Subject has revoked his/her consent. This right will not be exercisable in the event that the Data are required in order to manage complaints;
  5. pursuant to Article 18 of the GDPR, the right to restrict the Data processing in specific circumstances, such as: the Personal Data held by B&B are inaccurate; the Data Subject objects to the use of his/her Data but does not want them erased and therefore requires their use to be restricted; B&B does not need to hold the Data but the Data Subject requires such Data for the purpose of complaints. If a request is made to restrict the Data's use, the Data will be processed only for specific reasons (apart from Data retention purposes) including: complaints by the Data Subject; the Data Subject consents to the specific purpose; the need to protect the rights of other natural or legal persons or for reasons of public interest at EU or Member State level;
  6. pursuant to Article 20 of the GDPR, the right to receive their Data in a commonly used and readable, structured format, and to transmit them to another Data Controller in the cases provided for by the regulatory provisions in question;
  7. pursuant to Article 21 of the GDPR, the Data Subject's right to oppose - at any time and for reasons associated with his/her particular situation - the processing of his/her Data, including the processing of his/her Data for profiling and direct marketing purposes. In this case, B&B will refrain from further processing the Data, Subject to reservations provided for by applicable regulatory provisions.

Data controller

The Data Controller is B&B Italia S.p.A., with registered office in via Manzoni n. 38 - 20121 Milan, Tax Code and VAT number 07122350965.

How data subjects can exercise their rights

To exercise the rights referred to in Article above, you can write for attn. of the Data Controller of the Data, to the following addresses: B&B Italia S.p.A. - Strada Provinciale Novedratese 32, n. 15, 22062 – Novedrate (CO) ; email:; Fax: 031 791 531.

Last update:  27th  September 2018